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March 5, 2012

I finished the 'Indigo Blue' quilt!

I finished the 'Indigo Blue' quilt that I was making for my husband on February 25 2012!
When I went to check when I had started this quilt, I found that the pattern I drew for this quilt, dated from January 2011. All in all it took me about a year, because I have finished the 'Hands of Friendship' small quilt in 2011 also as well as other little projects.

I tied the quilt with a pretty ribbon and an indigo blue rose to offer it to my Hubby.
And yes, he loves this quilt!
We still need to make a picture of the entire quilt that I will post here too.

It was fun making this quilt. Even squaring it off was fun in a way. As you can see, I use old scale weights to keep the top and my rulers from sliding. It brings back memories as I work on this old table that used to belong to my parents-in-law and I use the weights I once gave to my MIL and that have come back to me after she passed away in May 2011.

Unlike my previous quilts, (where I have had to make sure that I cut of enough to square it) this one came out with 4 perfect 90 degree angles, without any need for adaptations!

I can see that practice, practice, practice works for quilting... LOL.

Somehow I love making the binding - yes, I know that many quilters dread that part, yet I enjoy it. First there's the cutting of the bias tape - I needed 10 yards of it to fit around this quilt - of course there's the ironing (I use a double binding) and then the rolling of the lengths of pressed strips on an empty thread spool. A lot of work that I spread over 2 days. But ah, the joy of the end-result:

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to look at such a roll of binding for a day or two, previous to attaching the binding to the top. 

I sewed the binding to the top on my Janome 7700 and then hand-stitched it to the back of the quilt. That part is fun too as you can just sit quietly in a chair and see the progress, although it took me several days to finish it. Must admit though that there was a feeling of relief mixed with joy in making those last locking stitches on February 25! The quilt was really all done and finished!

My husband had promised to get take-out Indonesian food in celebration of finishing the quilt. So we enjoyed a lovely meal too that evening too.

Bye for now!


  1. Yay for a finish! don't you just love how easily the 7700 sews bindings? Love my baby...

  2. Thought of you a lot lately. So glad to see you're happily quilting and even completing a long expected treasure. Have a blessed day! Debi