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November 19, 2011

Progress in quilts

It's been a while - haven't been feeling well lately. (The aftermath of injuring my head almost 4 years ago.) So I didn't have the energy to write a new entry on my blog...

All in all I am grateful though that there were days that I was able to sew a bit. And there must be some kind of expression about 'a stitch a day makes a quilt in a year's time' ?... Chuckle. 'Cause in the course of all these weeks I was able to finish the top for my husband's quilt and do some more sewing too!

As I wasn't in the energy-flow to start the process of sandwiching and quilting this huge quilt (my husband stood on a chair this afternoon to hold this quilt for the picture) I decided to finish another project I had lying around... It's a paper-piecing lapquilt I started possibly in 2009... It too is from a pattern called 'Right Hand of Friendship' by Marcia Hohn. In 2009 I had made 35 squares...
this picture doesn't show the set of 3 squares I had already sewn... there are sets of 4 that make a larger block.

Just needed 1 more to have a center of sorts for a lapquilt, totalling 9 blocks, each block consisting of 4 squares. If I were to make a nice-sized lap-quilt, I would have needed to sew another 20 squares.
As I lacked the courage to do so I chose to just sew that 1 last square and opted for making lots of borders to enlarge the project to a lap-sized quilt. Here it is on my design wall...
and a few days later I finished the top:
A quilt needs a back, of course...  so again a few days later I assembled some borders around a piece of fabric originally bought for the purpose...

That's how far I got... now I need to muster the energy to iron both top and backing and start assembling the sandwich... LOL.

These past weeks I felt more like making other things. Small projects in between to gather some energy that comes from creativity. You must know how that feels...

So I made a bowl out of fabric (I have the book by Linda Johansen - 'Fast and easy Fabric Bowls' that I bought at my local quilt store 'The Stitch Cottage'. It's hard to find Timtex or other stiff interfacing in Holland, so I cut 2 pieces of canvas that I joined together with an equivalent for Fast2fuse. That worked out OK, though be it was a lot more work...
I had it drying on the radiator on our hallway (This radiator sure needs a lick of paint as I found out through this picture!). My Tupperware salad bowl was just the right size to help the bowl get it's firm round shape!
I don't have a better picture right now to show... I brought it to my mother's house 2 weeks ago for her to enjoy and look at... These pictures give you an idea of the result. I love those 2 blue fabrics, how well they go together, although I bought them at different times and locations.

And then another day I decided to make a fabric basket. This one is made in colors that go well in my living room. The lady who made the pattern is Amandajean from Crazy Mom Quilts. She calls them 'storage cubes' and she uses cardboard as interfacing. It's a bit tricky to make but I enjoyed this project and the result:

So there you have it... lots of little things done these past weeks. It amazes me too... :-)
Bye for now!