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October 21, 2011

Great tips from Karen: Hair Elastic Bobbin Keeper and more!

October 20 / November 3, 2011

(Updated) I came accross the blog that Karen keeps and have linked her blog to my list of blogs. Today I just wanted to share with you some of her great ideas and tips like this nifty idea that I read there on her blogspot. Just love these ideas! But do go over and check her blog for many more great ideas. 

"This is such a great idea for those little unruly bobbins loaded with thread. They just keep unwinding and unwinding...especially if you are traveling with them to a class.
Here's your solution: mini hair elastics. They are the stretchy, fluffy kind. They come in many colors, so you can even match them to the thread. Just slip it over the bobbin and that thread isn't going any where. Karen"

Now, isn't that a great idea! Easy, cheap and so convenient. Now why didn't I think of that myself... ;-) (I ordered those pink plastic bobbin keepers from the States last year- cost my a fortune on taxes etc. And to think I could have used this idea if I had known about it. But that's always the case... you don't know till you know.)
Following up on this tip, I found another set of great ideas on her blog
here - Mind you, I'm just 'clipping' out some ideas of hers from that blog that I love most. So go and check her blog if you want to read more.

"Do you have a daily pill case hanging around? If not they are available in any drug store. How about using it as a travel case for your bobbins. Great to take it with you to a class or when you're going on a retreat.

"Don't forget another Tool Time idea of using the mini hair scrunchies to wrap around each bobbin. They hold the thread in place so it won't unwind. Click here for that post.
This is a big pill organizer case that was my mom's. It's a weekly box that has morning, noon, evening and bedtime spots."

"Here's a rectangular pill casewith longer compartments. Perfect to hold all your different sized needles."

"Half could be machine and the other could be hand sewing needles. Karen"

Karen also has a tip to reuse empty pill bottles (with a tight closing lid) to keep all the bits and pieces of broken or dull needles and pins. That's something I came up with too (prior to reading her blog). I love this so I am posting her pictures.

"Label it clearly with "OLD NEEDLES" or "BROKEN NEEDLES"...much safer to store them all in a bottle and then just throw the whole bottle away once it's full." (Or dispose of it through your chemists: here in the Netherlands, we can bring these 'sharpies' safely packaged in such a bottle, to our chemist's who will dispose of it accordingly - like he does for used medicinal needles).

And here's her tip for re-using empty spay bottles (medicinal or other) to make a water-spray bottle for your ironing. Easy to take with you to workshops or quilting and sewing lessons you take! I love the way she embellished the bottle with some fabric and Mod Podge.

So THANK YOU, Karen!

Bye for now,

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